Dirz Bust - general view

Voici mon buste de dirz. j'ai décidé de ne pas mettre le bras qui été trop gros par rapport au buste. Or au mixopen Ravage 2006 en Master peinture. une autre image avec des details est dans ma gallerie. Here's my dirz bust. I've decided to remove the arm because it was to large compared with the bust himself. Gold at Ravage Mixopen 2006 (master painting categorie) Other view and details can be seen in my gallery.

Posted: 18 Sep 2006

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Thank you. :) the bases and first ligth as been made with airbrush. All the shadows and final ligth have been made with brush. It was a veeeeeryyyy long work, so I'm happy that people like it. you can see here a photo of the skin and metal after the airbrush and before the brush. http://teamtoulouse.free.fr/images/galerie/Manumilitari/aero.jpg
27 Sep 2006
Elle est terrible :-) Je pense que tu as bien fait d'enlever le bras! J'aime - A+ - Christophe
27 Sep 2006 • Vote: 10
congrats manuel it is really really impressive and inspiring.. all with brush?¿?¿?¿or airbush??.. i am amazed
27 Sep 2006
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