Lascannon Team for the UK GD Get Together Army

This is the Heavy Weapons Team for the Army being put together by those CMON members attending the UK Golden Demons 2006. After completing the Commander (131759) I was told by Dragonsreach that I had to make these guys look as if they had not come straight from the parade ground, this is the result :D I dulled down the metals to a degree and also the red tunics were not taken to the extremes with the highlights and I concentrated on the cannon for weathering, I wanted initialy to have the paint coming away but the end result was not good so I decided to go for a scorched effect working back fri=om the muzzle itself to give aan effect of the heat damage to the paint work also I blue'd the NMM steel around this area for the same effect. The rest of the weathering effects I added to the base itself in the way of rusting razor wire a barrel rusting embeded in th eground. Why the rabbit? Well Bunny is trying to take over the world so I thought it was about time that his true intent were revealed and that he is in fact a chaos mutant rabbit living amongst us. I hope that you like this and comments and questions are always wanted and encouraged.

Posted: 20 Sep 2006

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Fantastic technically, but with a lot of characterful touches too. Great stuff, congrats on finishing them in time :D
21 Sep 2006 • Vote: 10

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