Warjack Spriggan

another commission work (gaming purpose).

Posted: 26 Nov 2006

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Perfect white, very very nice!
9 Dec 2011 • Vote: 10
I want to be able to paint exactly like this. To me, this is the perfect Khadoran 'jack; like a wrecking ball on legs, utilitarian and not all new and shiny looking!
28 Mar 2010 • Vote: 10
I was torn between picking Mercenaries or Khador when starting Warmachine, but I can say without a doubt that the awesomeness of this model has swung me around to Khador. I just sank $200 into Khador models - thanks alot, jerk! :P As an aside, is this airbrushed? I'm trying to figure out how you got such a nice gradient on the off-white.
29 Sep 2009
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