Master of the Deathwing

A GD entry of mine from a couple of years ago now. Made the final cut but 'no cigar' :). Just love the name and the conjured image... The Master of the Deathwing! Fairly simple conversion, but repositioning of the weapons gave a whole new feel to one of my favorite GW figures.

Posted: 14 Dec 2006

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Awesome, this is one of ther best deathwing models I´ve ever seen, the color choice is excellent and you made strong, vibrant colors, the face is beyutiful anf the small conversions fit so well it could have been a stock model; the beautiful freehand banner is all that this mini needed to become a well-deserved 10!
12 Feb 2007
Extremely nice paintjob, and the conversion is just as good. The arm swap really gives the mini a new life. I really love the bone armour and the only thing that keeps me from giving this a solid 10 is the base. I have a hard time with greyish gravel and bright green grass.
3 Jan 2007
Very nice, maybe a diferent colour for the robes for a Deathwing.
16 Dec 2006 • Vote: 9

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