Mordheim Freelance

I think this is one of the most characterful minis produced by GW in the last years. Feel free to give any kind of comment, give it to me, I can take it!

Posted: 30 Dec 2002

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Great work and probably your best I have seen! The checkers on his pants are great and overall, he is quite alive looking! I mean, "they" when I say "he" of course :D
28 Jan 2003 • Vote: 9
Rob Jedi
I must say this is a beatiful realistic rendition of the freelance knight. I really like the way you have tied in the checkered pants of the foot version with the harness of the horse. The horse is also very naturally done, I've never been comfortable painting horses so I must say this is a good example. Apart from that I agree with the last post the feather would be better coloured as another element of the mini ie: the red or blue of the sheild rather than his hair colour. Nicely done metallics BTW, well shaded and clean.
5 Jan 2003
I really like the colors you have used (I'm a big fan of "real" colors and dont use often bright colors) The only part I will change are the boots that seems a bit flat and the hat feathers that are too similar to the red you have used for the moustaches, maybe the same red of the shield will be better
4 Jan 2003
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