The Emissary

This was my entry for the Golden Demon UK 2006. It took silver in WFB Single Miniature. It is one of my favourite minis. Because I'm not very good at sculpting I used the "cut & paste" technique using some green stuff on the junctions. The body is from the Dark Emissary, the head from one of the mercenary crossbowmen, the weapon from the nurgle champion on horseback an the right arm is scratchbuilt. I hope you like it Cheers :-) David

Posted: 31 Dec 2006

9.5 /10 (142 Votes) 7.4k Views

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Matt Cexwish
I absolutely Enjoy this Miniature... This IS Atmosfere in it´s perfection... everything is good, you chose your parts so well... and in the end you created something human but simultaneously mysterious... 10, 10, 10 Points all the way... Congratulations (even if one year too late...:D...)...
23 Sep 2007 • Vote: 10
10!!!! are you kidding ??? that's what the dark emmisary should have looked llike in the firs place!!!!!!!!!!!! an instant fav!
2 Aug 2007
What beat you out?? This is my favorite mini ever and with that you make other painters either try harder or quit!!!!!!
14 Jan 2007
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