I think this is one of the nicest sculpted miniatures I have ever seen. The life like detail at such a small scale really boggled my mind when I first saw it. I thougt the quarter was an interesting scale comparison.

Posted: 4 Jan 2007

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That's amazing. I have the mini on a shelf, but I've been too chicken to approach it yet. It's so freaking small! :)
15 Mar 2013 • Vote: 10
Sigmork, A quarter is about the same as a 10p piece. Bearing that in mind all I can say is WOW awesome skin tones and a wonderful realistic face.
21 Jun 2008
WOW! Awesomely sculpted and painted quarter!! ;) Seriously, thats amazing. As I'm a Brit, exactly how big is a quarter?
20 Jul 2007
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