Prince Owen Glendower

54mm figure produced by Pegaso models

Posted: 9 Jan 2003

8.7 /10 (242 Votes) 7.5k Views

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Infidel Castro
I give this a big fat 10 because a) I love the paint job and b) I'm a nostalgic and incredibly proud of my wee little country Cymru/Wales. My only gripe is the spelling Philippe! It should be spelt Owain Glyndwr, and even then it needs a hat on the 'w' in Glyndwr. The rendering Owen Glendower is the English, not Cymraeg/Welsh! Still, many wouldn't have known that :(
2 Apr 2003
And believe me : not only did I see it in "Figurines", but also in reality !!! Totally stunning :eek: Unfortunately here, the dark background of this pic doesn't do justice to the MM. As incredible as the rest of the mini !!!
30 Jan 2003
How anyone could give this less than a 10 is beyond me. Incredible work on the horse's barding.
12 Jan 2003
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