Do not open before Halloween - detailed view

Hello friends, After a break, which was quite long but not fruitless, I am back among you with a new work that has taken up about 6 months of my life. This time I present you a very ambitious and long project with a unique feature. The idea was to close an elaborate diorama into a small box of only 8cm per side! The figures I’ve used are those from Cadwallon (Rackham) and some familiars, useful as very small in size. The inspiration came after watching again a film that is very dear to me - Nightmare before Christmas – by Tim Burton. Using these miniatures, I wanted to recreate a fantastic scene that would recall the settings of the film. Maybe you’ll be able to notice the hill in the background, a typical scenery of the film. The diorama can get completely closed in the box, without any miniature getting removed or scratched in the process. The background has been made using the usual materials for dioramas, like fimo, green stuff, pasticard, styrofoam, sprues from various boxes, chains, etc. Making proper pictures was very tough, especially focusing on all the tiny details of a scene with so many points of interest. I hope I’ve finally succeeded in showing you my work at its best. Once enclosed in the decorative frame (obtained from the union of two normal frames), it is possible to read the banner with the title of the scene in the background: Do not open before Halloween! I hope you like it. Comments are welcome. Greetings from South Tyrol/Alto Adige, Italy. EmptyV Other view: 160070 for global view 160074 for focus on diorama 160075 for focus on both big scene Excuse me for publishing so many pics of one work, but the diorama has so much to be shown! Sorry ;-)

Posted: 4 Jun 2007

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Dude so cool clearly a 10 :)
29 Sep 2013 • Vote: 10
crazy, dark and funny atmpsphere, i love it! CIAO...
4 Jun 2007 • Vote: 10
che dire...ho seguito fin dall'inizio questo lavoro e vederlo finito in queto modo quasi mi commuove. ottimo diorama...e inoltre cosa che apprezzo molto è la scritta: do not open before halloween...perchè solitamente le tue scritte non mi piacevano molto...mentre questa è davvero perfetta!!! ottimo lavoro che sono sicuro ti darà molte soddisfazioni. ;) bye, rapaz ;)
4 Jun 2007 • Vote: 10

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