Death Jester [Work in progress]

I'm sorry for the bad pic... On this mini I've tried a lot of things for the first time: 1- I've used mainly 3 colours chaos black,shadow gray and skull white. 2- Being highly inspired by the amazing works of Yellowone (And of course,by Giger!),I've tried to do some freehands on the cloack (subsequently I've used this theme on my jetbikes). 3- I've done the broken doll on the base,and this was my second serious attempt at sculpting. Comments greatly appreciated!!!

Posted: 16 Jul 2007

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The best Death Jester out of the new range I've seen, the free hand and atmosphere of the model is great :D
25 Jul 2007 • Vote: 10
Awsome freehand, superb detailing.
17 Jul 2007
Love the broken doll, too, btw =D
16 Jul 2007
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