Steam Dragon

This flying war machine as usual is made from styrofoam and some greenstuff. I suspect that flight of this drago breaks some aerodynamic laws but it is steampunk ) If you have emotions or thoughts about this work, do not keep it deeply - comment :)))

Posted: 19 Jul 2007

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Love that Steamdragon!!! Epic! Keep on happy painting! Best Wishes, Roman
20 Mar 2012 • Vote: 10
Have you ever thought of building and painting a diorama of the scene between the Space Dragon and the Iron Man from Ted Hughes story, The Iron Man? Your Farewell to Titan and Steam Dragon have me convinced that you'd make a remarkable tribute to that story.
3 Aug 2009
Good Grief!Thats amazing !What do you use to carve the styro ,,,,you must go through a million exacto blades :)...excellent paint job as well
13 Nov 2008
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