Drune Horned Raider #1

First mini from a unit of 3 riders. Others can be seen on pictures #165189 and #165866. Any comments are welcome, thanks in advance :) Bigger and better pictures are available as always in my gallery at ChestOfColors.com. A tutorial about painting the horse is available at www.ChestOfColors.com if anybody is interested :) I accept commissions. If you are interested in having me paint something for you, contact me at: webmaster@chestofcolors.com cheers Aña

Posted: 27 Jul 2007

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Lovely work!
6 Aug 2007
sorry, can't put my head on the block enough.. took this into PS and expanded it, interesting
6 Aug 2007 • Vote: 6
Can we please see this without the arty backdrop, personaly i think the ideas are too scattered and your presentation leads me to think that you've got it sorted...well, you ain't, the colour mixing is unexciting, the contrasts noninspirational and the freehand loose..a good 8, no more
6 Aug 2007 • Vote: 6
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