Jade the exotic dancing girl

She won first place in her category this year at gencon.

Posted: 4 Sep 2007

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Both cloth effects here are beyond compare. How did you feel about the sculpt though? Her hands are bigger than her head!
25 May 2011
OUCH !!! This is SO good, it hurts. Absolutely unbelievable !!
8 Jun 2008 • Vote: 10
As many other have said, the sheer cloth on the base is mind-blowing. The rest is great too though with your characteristically stunning face and skin. Even if I didn't see who it was painted by I could always tell your work by the face and eyes. You do a masterful work. I love the fact that you are so prolific because I couldn't stand having to wait too long between your new minis. Great job Marike and thanks a ton for all the help you've been!
6 Feb 2008 • Vote: 10
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