Wasteland Angel

There was this field where I used to live. In the summer it was wonderful. There were hawks, and bugs and muskrats. All that remained of a very old building was a crumbling foundation, and at night the fireflies would come out. When winter came all of that vanished. The grass became short and grey and the lush bushes were reduced to sticks. It seemed to me that if ever there was a place for an extra planar visitor, this would be it. And so we have a wasteland angel.

Posted: 25 Oct 2007

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Stunning work.
5 Nov 2007
It's not just that your technical skill is awesome... it's the creativity and composition of your works that make them really stand out. Great Job.
1 Nov 2007
Fantastic wings! I really like how more and more people are experimenting with the feather designs using hawk references. Your shading is always excellent, however I feel the highlighting on the robe/garb is a bit harsh. I know you want to see it from the distance, but it just seems a bit much. Other then that.. I love it. The flesh tones are pretty unbelievably smooth. Your miniatures are always awesome and inspiring! Enjoy & Tak3ITez!
31 Oct 2007 • Vote: 9
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