Tzarina Katarin,the Ice Queen of Kislev

This was one of my most ambitious project for a two reasons: -It's probably the third horse that I paint in my life (don't like too much cavalry) -It's my first serious conversion (I've resculpted most of the original bretonnian damsel) She won a Silver at the Italian Golden Demon 2007,I hope you like her!

Posted: 1 Nov 2007

9.3 /10 (131 Votes) 9.8k Views

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Noble Arrow
Very cool mini i'm love so very much your color choice!
5 Jan 2014 • Vote: 10
i love you gunny. can you sculpt and paint my girlfriend? :D dawi a karak
11 Apr 2010
Only 10, becouse I can't find 11...
9 May 2008 • Vote: 10
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