Morh 'o Ydh "The Walking Maw" Chaos Ogre of Nurgle

This is my only non-winning entry of the last Italian Golden Demon (yep,i was really lucky winning 6 trophy out of 7 entry!). It took me one night to convert and one day to paint...and that was just two days before the competition!!! Anyway the judges seem to like him!

Posted: 8 Nov 2007

8 /10 (51 Votes) 3.8k Views

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Someone needs to change his bag. One of the most Nurgle-y minis i've seen. You can't beat a mix of eyestalks, drool and crap.
9 Nov 2007
after seeing your other work you should have left this for a 'fun' piece and not rushed it out. i could have been brilliant. Very cool conversion though.
8 Nov 2007 • Vote: 8

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