Sigismund, the Emperor's Champion

My little tribute to Joe Orteza and Victoria Lamb! I used Joe's style of base and the mutilating of an Ork, and tried Victoria's glow effect while also trying to use a brower, more natural skin to the ork head. That head is about 60% sculpted. I filed down a plastic head and used it as a base, only the top lip and nose are the original. I had the image of an ork with his eyes rolled back and tounge lolling out with slobber, which came out great! I'm pretty happy with this, because I primarily did this one to try the glowy effect and to practice doing black armor (because I sucked at it, but obviously not now...). I think my only problem with this was when I got a bit too close with the matte spray.. a little more from far away fixed it, but not 100% .This is I really kewl mini and I plan on doing at least three more Emperor's champions for various armies! :P

Posted: 19 Feb 2003

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The lighting is amazing.
23 Sep 2008
Hey Chrispy, I'm working on an Emperors champ right now, and was browsing for inspiration when I saw this one....nice job, I was actually planning on doing some light-sourcing too. My champ is also black :) so I can understand when you say black's a bitch. It's easy to edge-highlight, but really hard to get subtle, good blends with. Anyways, cool mini.
22 May 2004
Wow, the special fx on this one are truly amazing. Maybe work a bi on the detailing of the Emperor's Champion itself, some parts seem just a little rough. But the technique at display here , the realism of the lighting and the orc head really kick iss... I wonder though , the orc head might just pick off a little of the blue glow though. 8.8
15 Oct 2003 • Vote: 8
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