Caradryan, Capatin of the phoenix guard

Hi all! This is my latest miniature in the NMM style, i enjoyed painting this fig with a great sculpt from Mr Martin Footit. Any comments would be great! More pics on ebay, cheers! Daz

Posted: 19 Nov 2007

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that is truly epic! love the free hand and and nmm is amazing, keep it up mate, pat
1 Mar 2011
I’m taking this model as I think a GD judge would... The base sets the perfect seen, this model has jumped out of the fantasy world, It’s a snap shot. Main focus (Armour & weaponry) well say no more about its truly perfect and Finally the secondary detail such as the gems, cloths and the intricate wood grain detail. It’s all done to such a high standard. With one final note, the free hand is immaculate, from the tiny symbols on the shaft of the weapon. Or the elaborate but beautiful free hand on the cloak. A truly amazing piece of art. 10! And for a none converted mini!! Let the paintjob do the talking!!
21 Jul 2010
Magnificiant, I do love nmm miniatures, but only if they are pulled off well, and in this case you have (as usual) I believe that nmm in this miniature is done very well, its not shouting out to us "hey i'm a nmm miniature" it works really smoothly.
14 Sep 2008
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