The Last Charge of Melissa and her Immortal Schnauzers

Jim Ludwig of Darksword Miniatures had the ever so talented Tom Meier sculpt a miniature version of his wife and schnauzers to celebrate the company's fifth anniversary. Way cool. This was the first miniature I painted after giving up brush licking and wiping it on my thumb. It took almost three weeks.

Posted: 29 Nov 2007

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Why does the scale only go up to 10??? A vote of 10 just doesn't do this justice. Absolutely beautiful
3 Feb 2012
Lol i love the name of this so I had to take a proper look and WOW im so glad i did. Really well done the skin is brilliant, I love it.
21 Feb 2009
The painting is sublime... I love the smooth skin and the armour. Actually, I love it all but can't help think that somewhere in front of here there is a stick flying through the air ;o)
11 Dec 2007
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