Converted Bard of Alahan

This is my latest Commission. She was made from several parts- the banner top from Mirvillis d'Allmoon, the lance pole from the Rider of Alahan Standard Bearer, her right arm from a Swordsman of Alahan, and her head is Pearl the Mermaid’s head from Reaper. It was requested that she be painted very similarly to the data card. I did take a few liberties, but mostly that was in tones, not the basic colors.

Posted: 17 Dec 2007

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Good conversion. Smooth and clean paintjob and colours goes well. I like it :)
28 Apr 2008 • Vote: 10
I knew that had to be Pearls head! It is great though. The conversion works well with this piece and the colors you used. You really have improved a lot! Keep up the great work!
30 Dec 2007
Very nice work Amy. I can see that staying in France really gives you positive influence in your painting :-)
22 Dec 2007 • Vote: 7
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