Imperial Guard Baneblade

Built pretty much straight from the box. The paint is GW color and a series of oil washes using Windsor Newton oil paints. You can see the full build here -

Posted: 1 Jan 2008

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Nice camo! I definitly don´t think it is too cleen. In sweden we wash our tanks very often before making the service on them. It is important that they work for many years! In addition we repaint our tanks when they get the "too used" look. But yes, they get very dirty on the battlefield :)
11 Apr 2008
abstracted reality
Personaly I don't see what all the weathering fuss is about anyhow, I mean unless it's mid campaign the tanks would be kept in perfect working order, including fresh paint. The military loves to clean and paint.
23 Jan 2008
rolling thunder
fantastic cammo (i had my forgeworld one camo but it didnt suit) i dont agree on it being too clean, much more weathering and it would look in my mind too worn given the venerated status the tank is held in within the guard. it is good work
13 Jan 2008
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