Battle Master Goblin

I'va painted this one as a break from my dwarves. I was looking for an old school style on this one and I'm quite satisfied with the result. Comments more than welcome. Ps: Yes,I know...I have to finish the base...I'll probably do some stonework since I'm gonna use this lil goblin for Heroquest.

Posted: 3 Jan 2008

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I'd kill to see a complete Battle Master-set in this quality.
2 Sep 2008 • Vote: 10
sooo cool! I can't help myself, but I find these old minis from battle masters, heroquest and similar games more beautiful and characterful then the new ranges. (And it is not nostalgy, I started my wargaming with Warhammer 6th edition, so I have seen much newer models earlier than these old ones).
18 Jan 2008
it is one of the best exambles to show, that it must not be a super-size -sculpting-conversion to make a realy cool mini. I love it !
6 Jan 2008 • Vote: 10
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