Jaime and Cersei Lannister

Darksword Miniatures is doing a line based on George R.R. Martin's characters. Jaime reminds me of a guy I dated in highschool. Tsk!

Posted: 16 Jan 2008

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AWESOME! i love those chars
29 Jun 2011
Alaric the Mad
Amazing work-its not my place to judge your work based on whether blacklining is the in or out thing-your blacklighting is so tight its amazing. Im giving you a 10-not my sort of miniatures but a phenomenal paintjob.
18 Jan 2008
Who's Jamie, left or right? ;) They are very well done but the blacklining doesn't work very well imo as it's too stark on many places. As your work is so subtle the suddenly very sharp and dark shadows on some places feel wierd. Instead try using a darker version of the colour you are painting. I found out later that I had the chance to see one of your minis IRL at the last UKGD, but unfortunately I missed the opportunity.. I really hope I can be able see them sometime. Sven
18 Jan 2008 • Vote: 9
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