Mangu Timur

Mangu Timur stood at the top of the temple steps. The sun shone brightly on his golden armor. He never thought it would come to this...his city in ruin, overrun by these vile creatures from the north. Though the sounds of death surrounded him, his only thoughts were of his family. "Keep them safe" he whispered to the gods as he turned to the barbarian horde and smiled. His last Death awaits...

Posted: 29 Jan 2008

9.1 /10 (158 Votes) 8.1k Views

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Wow Aaron, this is REALLY fantastic! I think you are really finding your muse with the freehand and teh NMM. Great job.
3 Oct 2008
This is absolutely beautiful! Like mattrock I rarely give 10s. This one there is no question. Added to favorites.
16 Apr 2008 • Vote: 10
Wow, great work on this one. I love the armor. This is some of the best NMM i've seen. Great base work as well. All around good stuff, I can't find any real faults. Awsome stuff.
12 Apr 2008 • Vote: 9
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