Wazabi, goblin geisha

I like Rackham's Japonesque take on the goblin universe, and this mini was a great deal of fun to convert and paint. What better motif for a goblin geisha's fan than a greenskin kabuki actor? Wazabi's kimono is patterned with carp and waves to complement the scenic base. Though it doesn't show from this angle, the inquisitive koi has a mutant third eye. (Just call him Blinky.)

Posted: 30 Jan 2008

9.5 /10 (198 Votes) 8.6k Views

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*sigh* I'd buy it...but way over my budget.
12 Feb 2008
Shawn R. L.
ONLY a 9.5??? Ya been robbed!! That's a 10 if I ever seen one.
10 Feb 2008
"This is a great day for dying" :lol: I love this mini - this love is expainable, and this version is the best of the best.
10 Feb 2008 • Vote: 10
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