Dwarf Queen Helgar

MOTW 34 Dwarf Queen Helgar, my first freehand attempt on shield.

Posted: 2 Mar 2003

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This is a 6 - 8 job. The blending on the horns and front view of the garment is great. I also really like the face. The overall figure is slightly compromised however, by the basing and the metallic work on the axe. Those seemingly random 'rocks' on the base do you no favours whatsoever.
17 Feb 2005
The face is excellent! The freehand on the shield is nice, but it would look better with a little more highlight. I think that would make it stand out more. Nice solid work.
8 Jul 2003 • Vote: 7
Heh! I like this one - it has a cute impish face -and as usual your fades in blue are really nice. The trim here is well done on both the hem and the sleeve. Solid horns too. The rocks on the base however are the only things that seem kinda outta place - maybe were they painted and highlighted?? I know it's tricky because her hem is so low to the ground
7 Jul 2003 • Vote: 7

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