half-life 2 Combine outpost

This minidiorama was fully inspired by one amazing game. I saw many brilliant works from Resident Evil and Silent Hill here, so it is my contribution to gamer society. This work is dedicated to Gabe Newell's team, creators of dark and antiutopic Half-Life 2 Hope you will like it. If you have emotions or thoughts about this work, do not fear - comment :)))

Posted: 1 Mar 2008

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Dutch Mogul
Wow, that is ridiculously cool. Great homage to a wonderfully-styled science fiction setting. I'm quite curious as to the parts that went into it.
22 Nov 2011 • Vote: 10
Dragon Forge Design
This is just too cool for shcool..Id vote higher but they only let me vote a 10.. Love it!!
6 Mar 2008 • Vote: 10
Brilliant! I presume You sculpted the minis Yourself? What scale it is?
2 Mar 2008
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