Winged Vampire

Here my winged Vampire. I tried to give him a very dark colour schema with a focus of body and face. For that I break the big areas on the wing with a freehand effect which should look like the wing materialize out of the dark so that it sould show how his metamophsis into a bat starts at one side of his body. I aragned wing, bat and sword to create a new symmetry which forms a corona around the center. The paintjob support this effect and so a dark ring is fomred armound the miniature. From technical side I use here NMM and TM. All Metals are painted in TM but the dark armour parts which should be enamel or coated parts are painted in a dark NMM. I used cold colours which I mix into the skin colours to give it a cold look to symbolize his undead nature. In contrast to this the blood effect and the inside of his cloak are painted red to add a warm cold contrast and put some colour into the whole creation. I hope you like it Like always feedback and votes welcome Regards GeOrc

Posted: 18 Mar 2008

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I love the wings it creats an atmospher with this model that i havent seen before! Lovely armour work! Juust stunning!
5 Jun 2010
Hi, very nice effect on his wing, I like the atmosphere. The NMM and TM is technically almost perfect, I just love the dark NMM. Greetz, Jonathan
27 Dec 2008 • Vote: 10
Fabulas, The only thing i would chang is the squigly lines at the top of the wings, looks like theres to many and i would blend them down like you did on the botom near the arms, but that does not take away the quality and look of what you accomplished 10.
26 Mar 2008
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