MG Schütze-Russland 1943

Hat spaß gemacht den kameraden(tamiya) zu bemalen und einzuschneien. russische winter sind hart- ich weiß es!! Für alle bewertungen und tipps bin ich dankbar! Gruß!!

Posted: 17 May 2008

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Dunkle Zeiten
Reminds me of the final scene of "Stalingrad", although i can't say which side he is on. Nevertheless one more reason not to play with guns. I like the arangement of the snow by random. This looks very realistic. Jarhead is right, a little more shading would give the face more deepness. But i like the expression as well, kina dullness, like "what the heck i'm doing here". Great.
29 May 2009
The frozen, snowed cloak is great! Only miss some more depth in the face... try to think in shadows and try to mix in some blue in your skintone for those shadows... Puh, the cloak is really impressive... Regards jar
18 May 2008 • Vote: 7


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