Forgeworld Eldar Asurmen

First posting in a very long time. Out of Production Fogeworld Asurmen 1 piece casting, about 4 inches or so. Painted for my nephew who requested the color scheme favor The Philadelphia Eagles NFL team. Tall order for a serious NY Giants fan, but I persevered. Predominantly VGC with some VMC, PP3 and Polly S Railroad. I will post a separate 4 view collage as well. Be kind.....

Posted: 15 Jun 2008

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Agree that it's good clean work! I do like those color choices.
23 Jun 2008 • Vote: 8
Nice and clean, which is important for the Eldar. Perhaps a bit more depth on the blue/green would help. Good to see you back at the brush!!
17 Jun 2008 • Vote: 7

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