Angus the Scottish Dwarf

Meet Angus the Scottish Dwarf, he is an old GW figure from way back in 1980's that has been lying patiently in a box waiting to be painted. This figure represents a first for me as I have never tried NMM before but thanks to the Saxon Angel who wanted to see me try NMM as she thought I would be good at it here is my attempt the NMM parts are the mustahe rings, sword hilt, sword pommel and the arm grieves in NMM gold which I wanted to look a light gold and the NMM steel on th eblade which I was affraid to go too grey or too blue but just might have managed to pull th ecolour off OK. All comments are welcome as always.

Posted: 19 Mar 2003

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That tartan is making my eyes hurt :) I'd like a straight on so I could see the face's expression better. That's a good lip color. The sword looks good, but I'm not sure there is enough surface area to pull off a convincing NMM on the gold bits.
21 Mar 2003 • Vote: 8
Well I guess I just HAVE to comment on this. :) This is an excellent first NMM. Don't worry about going too blue or grey on the silver NMM. I think your sword is very well done. The studs on the shield need a little more contrast though. His gold armband is great. The hilt and pommel (sp?) on the sword need some sharper white highlights like the armband. Being a good Scotsman, I think his nose should be a tad more reddish (from drinking of course! ;) ) but that's a personal preference. Otherwise I just love this little guy. I guess because this is currently your highest rated miniature that you ARE very good at NMM. Thanks for proving me right. So I expect to see more in the future. :D Great Job!
21 Mar 2003 • Vote: 10

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