This one was painted for the chick challenge as I didn't have time to do it to the cmon contest, I have since the CC contest repainted some things from helpful comments. Thanks! I was very inspired by Alexi Z's paintjob of Lilith that I find absolutely stunning. I tried to do something different though and went for an almost drowsy "who cares?" look and experimented with the colours to give a different feeling. I like the difference between the dress and the more worklike and dirty coat. I tried to push the contrast a bit between areas with saturation and thinking what kind of materials I wanted to portray. The sculpt is just unbelievable and a joy to paint! I should have cleaned it better though I had to little patience which resulted in some unnecessary flaws because of pot holes etc. The blending was difficult because of the pins on the dress as well so ti could be smoother. The "hair" that I wasn't sure if it was a fur-toque-like-thingy was a bit weird, but in a good way imo. So I thought I would work with the weirdness rather then try to make it anonymous The base was a bit of an "arty" thing. In a movie it would look like it's only the patch she's walking on that is visible, that the entire focus would follow her so to speak. Not sure if it comes across that way though. Oh and I got silver in CC sci-fi public category and gold by the jury. Though they took away Sebastians lovely piece from the sci-fi placing as he won overall. Thanks for a great competition and congratulation to all winners. Thanks also for the feedback I got, you know who you are!

Posted: 27 Jul 2008

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Sun Jester
Lovely characterful work.
11 Aug 2012 • Vote: 10
What an amazing face!
7 May 2012 • Vote: 10
it has something. i really like the face.
9 Sep 2010
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