Yarry - Deep in the Heart Wood

I started this at the World Expo during a workshop with JMPN. He spent quite a while discussing the uses opposing colours to enhance the contrast between the highlights and the shade. And he was even good enough to come and discuss his figures when he spotted me waiting at the airport for the flight home. So a big thank you, I'll try and keep improving. (And try to use the side of the brush more) So when I got home I decided to finish the figure. First sculpting the base and tidying a couple of details that hadn't been dealt with before the workshop. For the base I wanted quite a dark forest scene so the fallen tree trunk with quite a lot of flock, some paper (laser cut) leaves and some small twigs for additional ground cover. A few brass etched leaves to add a bit of life and some lichen for the fungus growing on the fallen tree. For the figure itself I tried to keep to green and red tones, working small amounts of green into most highlights while trying to push the contrast and maintain the face as a focal point. Finally, thanks those that offered suggestions while it was still a work in progress, especially Anders (Ritual) for a couple of extra pointers. I'd be very grateful for any comment Thanks for looking

Posted: 28 Jul 2008

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I like very much the face ! great job !
26 Aug 2009
Super cool, even better in the flesh.... Regards Adam
30 Mar 2009
The face is fantastic, as it the skin overall. Just so rich, soft and characterful. The rest of the piece looks terrific also, and I really love the foresty look of the scene.
15 Sep 2008 • Vote: 10
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