Solar Macharius

Our next mini is to show reflecting light effect. Solar walks near fluorescent crystal which light reflects on his armour and face... Painting miniatures in that way need some imagination of painter to get nice effect. I think Macharius is nice enough :) Enjoy!

Posted: 27 Mar 2003

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Incredible - Although I'm not fond of the mini, I *love* the lighting effects. Other than that.. I think the blacklining(?) around the face is a little heavy, and the banner is way too fussy for my tastes - But still, a wonderful job :D Are the actual crystals self-sculpted, or store-bought?
3 Apr 2003
wow, doing a object light experiment on such an ornamented mini is hard, and you´ve done a great job; the cloak is a nice thing as well, but the banner is too big IMHO; you could have also given the face more depth it looks quite plain on this pic;still cool!
1 Apr 2003
Looks great, but a quick question. Is the mini lit from his right by an orangy light, leaving his left in shadow, or is he just painted that way?
1 Apr 2003 • Vote: 9

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