Dark Elf

one of my older minis, warcrow! i try to get this one again to paint him in metalic armour and blue skin!! hope you like him coments are welcome!!

Posted: 29 Oct 2008

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Not overly familar withe the quality of Warcrows castings but this doesn't look over detailed. Personally I'd suggest not drybrushing areas of smoother texture such as the long robes as these would look btter as leather like pieces. I think that the red armour could use a shadow tone to strengthen it before a not too bright highlight.
25 May 2009 • Vote: 8
Good job at the face. All in all your minis could need a bit more depth and a dark grey background would be great for the photos :-)
13 Apr 2009 • Vote: 7
Not bad at all for an older piece - the red is good especially, but all parts could use a little more highlighting. It will be interesting to see your newer version to see your progress!
31 Oct 2008 • Vote: 6


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