The Empire

gold demon @ italian gd 2008 - warhammer fantasy regiment bronze grog @ lucca games 2008 - unit category

Posted: 5 Nov 2008

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Well I'll be damned... My sincerest apologies, I've made a mistake. Although it could have been sculpted off, but it's not your concern. Shame on Citadel for inducing me in error this way! (and yes, I should've looked it up before making a comment. I'll bomb citadel for making such an awful mini)
20 Nov 2008
Isaac- The model comes sculpted with the blood. Please do not score him down for something he didn't do!
19 Nov 2008
Woops, forgot to be positive... Well the whole scenery is fantastic, it breathes and moves and just looks great, in a global point of view AND in the details. Good stuff for sure. Except...
18 Nov 2008
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