Steampunk/SF Handgun

Big thanks to Precinctomega for helping me out with this, great fun to do!

Posted: 8 Apr 2009

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You see? You get these "not a mini" ratings, too! Good on you, though, for trying out something new and I'm delighted I was a help. CMON is all about inspiration and education. My main recommendation on the paintjob is to avoid hand-painted details unless you want the details to look hand-painted. Try to use decals, stencils or stickers for a crisper, smoother finish. You can then use a few coats of varnish to secure these in place.
14 Apr 2009 • Vote: 7
Not a cool mini. Not even a mini. Not cool.
9 Apr 2009
No Such Agency
Ah, Nerf Maverick with the "Russian Roulette" mod. Best toy gun ever. A good repaint, but the writing could stand to be less shaky.
9 Apr 2009 • Vote: 6

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