Sigvald The Magnificent

It has been a while since i have painted anything for myself so i thought it was about time to add something to my gallery! Painted in nmm with some fun painting a mirror sheild and a crystal sword. Any comments welcome! Cheers all, Daz

Posted: 17 Apr 2009

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Best NMM gold armor I have ever seen!
12 Nov 2012 • Vote: 10
Excellent work. I have to say, You and Joe between you inspired me to begin painting again after 7 years out of the hobby so thanks to the both of you. I'd forgotten how cathartic and enjoyable painting can be.
9 Mar 2011
wow darren, that is amazing, the armour is stunning, the sheild is so awsome, could you please send me an email on how you did the sheild, i would really appreieate it. , im currently doing my own sigvald in your style. the freehand on the back of the clock is very simple, yet epic. cheers daz, regards pat ,10
28 Feb 2011
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