Sigvald (more views)

More views of Sigvald taken with my own camera. All comments welcome, cheers! Daz

Posted: 20 Apr 2009

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Hahaha. Ooops.
18 Apr 2019 • Vote: 8
Again, best NMM armor ever! I can't even figure out the logic of how you decided where to place those white spots (I cannot figure out the lightsource; it seems like there are supposed to be multiple ones), but that somehow seems to be the key of it all.
12 Nov 2012 • Vote: 10
You've got a hell of an eye for reflections and light effects. If I didn't know it was painted I'd honestly believe I could post it to cash for gold. As a painted mini though, it's undoubtedly worth more than it's weight in gold. Any man who wears eyeshadow in to battle deserves a pretty paint job so I'm sure Sigvald would thank you himself if he could.
9 Mar 2011
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