peasant massacre

Hi there!! these are poorly peasants, slaughtered in a battle during the peasants war! this tiny dio is in 15mm. i am proud how the faces cames out. its not the first time i sculpt such tiny faces but the first time that it cames out that good ( i think;)) this was the 100000000 try;) and finaly i got it, maybe not perfect but its enough for me to be proud:)!! thanks dogfacedboy,for your hints!! i`m blind now;)!! i gona paint them in next time and then they get their weapons too!! so i hope you like them, any coment is welcome!!

Posted: 27 Apr 2009

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Russian Greenskin
Hi speznaz. I like your figures tspecially aztec figure. nice sculpting!
20 Jun 2010 • Vote: 8
Thanks a lot, mate!! :)
1 May 2009
Mr Scream
15mm people!!! This deserves higher, well done!
28 Apr 2009


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