Warmaster Ogre Unit (10mm Scale)

This is the latest addition to my Orc and Goblin Warmaster Army a unit of Ogres. For those that are not familiar with Warmaster it is Warhammer Fantasy only in 10mm scale these guys are about 20mm tall if you stood a rule/tape measure next to them and they are based on a 20mm x 40mm base. Hope you like them and as usual all comments and questions are welcome.

Posted: 28 Apr 2003

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I know this may be delayed, but Vince, I can tell you don't do Warmaster minis. You're nuts if you think these are as big as WHFB Dwarves!! Nice Job Bro!! As always :D
10 Apr 2004
Damn! Your right, these are even better then your bret. Realy impressive what you've done in this scale.
2 Jan 2004
Classy work.
4 Oct 2003 • Vote: 8
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