Zombie, Take 2

My second time painting this sculpt, which is one of my personal favorites. I stole (cough, cough) Jenova's water base technique, but went for a more brackish look to the water. My first job on this sculpt can be seen as image 16540.

Posted: 29 Apr 2003

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for some reason i like the eyes a lot.... its a well done mini, im just not in to the bright green skin (not very courpse like); and hes a bit clean for a dead guy.
24 Nov 2005 • Vote: 7
This mini is super! Everything seems to fit very well. The rusty sword, the disgusting flesh. I am surprised there are not flies swarming around!! I also like the overall darkness on the bottom portion of the mini, it gives me an eerie 'twighlight' feel. I say 8.5
8 Jul 2003 • Vote: 8
heh! this pic addressed the issues I had with the first one! (I swear I didn't see this version last night) i dig the rust too on teh sword and the overall shinyness there is gone too. Great improvement! I never really noticed the bones in the last one so . . .neat!
7 Jul 2003 • Vote: 7

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