Imperial Fist Terminator

Just a quick paintjob. I was looking for a quick and easy colour scheme for my Imperial fist army and this is the result: Yellow spray as Basecoat,wash with the new citadel Ogryn Flesh,Highlight with golden yellow/bleached bone/skull white,some chipping all around,a little detailing with red (power fist and helm) and brown (khemri brown washed with Ogryn flesh and higlighted with a blend of bleached bone for the crux terminator) and there you go. It work for me,hope you like it.

Posted: 25 May 2009

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That is great... and when you say you'll do that quickly it is more impressive... Would love to see an army of those... That is the right direction... Keep on happy painting! Regards jar
26 May 2009 • Vote: 9
Looks really good. The yellows and green glowing eyes rocks. Thanks for a sort of tutorial :)
26 May 2009
that is awsome and so simple would love to see the finished army!
26 May 2009

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