The piper

The piper : His metal heart ticks like a clock. His face is smeared with white smoke His Mechanics hidden by clothes made of a hundred parts welded together, Our musician searches through the puzzle of his destiny. Equally colored in many hues, he skips lightly, a flute to his mouth. The music of this mime seems to talk to machines. With pirouettes and acrobatics, he leaves the infested city And by this stratagem, he leads monsters to scrap. The figure is inspired by the myth of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, a German tale about a town suffering from a rat infestation and which hired a musician to try to find a solution to their problem. The man played a musical pipe to lure rats with a melody into the River Weser, where all of them drowned. My harlequin revisits the tale and with his music, he lures war machines into the scrapyard. It is symbolic. More text and pictures here :〈=uk and topic here

Posted: 7 Jun 2009

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Pobudza wyobraźnię.
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Mind blown!
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