Epic (6mm) Imperial Guard - Baneblade No.1

A nice model from FW. Comments and critics are always welcome especially if you vote 5 or less!

Posted: 18 Jun 2009

6.3 /10 (36 Votes) 1.2k Views

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It has nothing to do with me not accepting a rating, I just would like to get comments from people who rate it with 5 or less.
21 Jun 2009
Dunkle Zeiten
See, that's quite an extortion. Either you accept any rating, or you won't post. There are many articles how to improve your pictures. Either anybody nows what's an epic-scale or not. I don't see the point, showing a 28mm figure as well as a penny for measurement. There is no reason why you are showing us a backround like this. If you expect any higher rating apart from this, see any photography relating articles.
20 Jun 2009 • Vote: 5

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