Chaos marauder - 4

commission work

Posted: 22 Jun 2009

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I've been really enjoying looking at this mini and the rest of your fine squad! Fantastic painting! Your blending is ultra smooth and it's clear that you're a great mini painter! Just a few things I think you could improve on. Firstly, I think the colour of the horse, especially the head, is too similar to the silver armour, and therefore there's little contrast to off-set the armour. Secondly, I think the base looks unnatural, and all those stalks of grass don't really work IMO. Still, awesome painting! I truly look forward to seeing more of your painting!!
5 Jul 2009 • Vote: 8
5 Jul 2009
Fantastic COC, very smart use of the colorweel imo, and also a very clean and smooth style! Congratulation to this wonderful piece :)
3 Jul 2009 • Vote: 9
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