CMON Contest 15 - Female Anti-Paladin from Dark Sword Miniatures

Who is that foolish intruder !? I decided to feature the anti-paladin in her tower, which had just been infiltrated - hence the drawn sword. The diorama itself was made using plasticard, matches (for the floor) and milliput (the walls were sculpted using this). The stained glass window, and yes it it transparent, was built using the clear plastic from the blister she came in ! Washes were applied to this, followed by 'Ardcoat gloss varnish. The candles were actually the nozzle of a glue bottle, with dried superglue applied to give the impression that wax was melting down the side of them and drying midway. Comments and criticism always welcome !

Posted: 24 Jun 2009

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the atmosphere you have in your pieces is really nice, cool stuff!
25 Jun 2009
very cool this should do well
25 Jun 2009 • Vote: 10

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