Necron Lord

A little rushed for Ebay, but I need the moneys! Once again, that's not a trick of the computer, it's really glowing! I used the flourescence of the plastic crystal rods and on-light painting. I also tried something new this time, using metal flakes in opaque paint for NMM. So that's why it's a bit glossy in areas. I also wanted to step away from the blue/gold most people are doing, so I chose to do chrome armor with a few bits of gold and green metal. Also tried to be resoureful about the base..See what you can do with your sprues, kiddies? :P

Posted: 4 May 2003

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I can't say why people seem to have some sort of reluctance with this one. The dark base works well to make the figure stand out. The lighting effects are great. The reflections work perfectly. All the pieces are well defined, yet there is enough contrast, even within the figure, to keep everything from running together. The on-figure lighting helps unify the whole thing. It's all pretty cool. So, who's going to step up and take this to the next level? Somebody paint one of these suckers pink...
2 Nov 2003
WOW! I really love those green crystals! I'll have to try that with the sprues.
24 Jun 2003
Now, this one shows your talents very well. The NMM and on-source lighting effects are sublime. This is very well done.
3 Jun 2003
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