Fabius Bile, his servants and my inspiration :)

Long hard road in front of me to paint all. Servant sculptured by my friend Wojtek. Still in progress :)) As always: All comments are nice to see :)

Posted: 20 Jul 2009

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Excellent! Great idea and you keep the mood of the artwork. Jaw-dropping :D If you would have sculpted both minis by yourself, you would have a 10, but using the minis from GW lowers the quality that's why it's "only" a 9,5 ;) [(Świetnie! Super pomysł i trzyma klimat grafiki. Szczena opada :D Jeśli wyrzeźbiłbyś obie figurki dostałbyś 10, ale zastosowanie modelu GW psuje efekt, dlatego "tylko" 9,5 ;))
22 Jul 2009 • Vote: 8
Mark Gibbons' illustrations are always great inspiration. great sculp on the servant. keep on happy painting
21 Jul 2009 • Vote: 9

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