The Butcher of Khardov

One of my favorite models that was painted for the second Golden Toadstool contest. Its also one of my earlier attempts at NNM hopefully i can get such great effect in future models. This model is currently in the care of Scott Spieker of

Posted: 7 May 2003

8 /10 (242 Votes) 5.7k Views

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Nice, very clean
26 Aug 2006 • Vote: 10
Great palette, nice reds that goes well with the NMM gold and the touch of Turquise. Very nice Grey! Perhaps you should have made something more of the cleavers blade? and also make the base a bit more detailed since it's a warcaster? Nice tattoes. I also'd like to see a picture of the back - DL
23 Nov 2003 • Vote: 7
Probably a 8.5... Its painted to like the max it can be painted, but the look just isn't really catchy! I love the pallet and good job on your clean NMM. Also the grey highlights in some area arn't really blended and put on bluntly! I gotta get my hands on one of those for a Grey Knights brother captain, it'll go crazy in an auction lol!!! BRAVO!!!
8 May 2003 • Vote: 8

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